Realistic Scenarios gives business professionals the chance to learn from experience in a safe yet authentic environment.  Theory, texts, and cases have their place in business education, but there comes a time when the serious manager has to put theory to work.  Experience is the best teacher -- but real lessons can often come at too high a price.  That's where Realistic Scenerios Training comes in.  We simulate real-world business challenges that are designed to develop the three skill-clusters that are most demanded in multinationals and start-ups around the world.  

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Leadership and Team work
  • Communication and Presentation Skills

Our sims are based on real-world situations that international managers are expected to deal with every day.  RS sims feature "flipped" education techniques -- you dive in to experience the scenario with a team of other learners first, and then discuss and debrief with mentors and facilitators.  Authentic asssignments, realistic deliverables, and on-demand mini-lectures keep the pace brisk and the learning on-track.  

Team Members

Realistic Challenges

Every  RS Sim follows the same realistic pattern:

  1. Form a team - with a leader and vision.

  2. Build a strategy around the goals that you set.

  3. Deal with problems and come up with innovative solutions.

  4. Present your ideas and persuade investors or senior managers.

You'll learn by doing -- with extensive debriefs and mentoring after each big challenge.

Office Meeting

Minimal Instruction Set

Senior managers complain that new hires don't know how to take initiative or critically analyze new situations.  RS sims are designed to let you dive in and take chances on new situations.  We give you the tools you need -- and a safety net if you get into trouble -- but you are responsible for mapping your own course. 

Office Conversation

In Demand Skills - Delivered On Demand

RS sims focus on the 3 most demanded skills in the business world -- teamwork,  problem solving, and presentation. 

Every challenge, or "scene", will involve at least two deliverables that you must work as a team to complete.  This insures that every participant gets the opporutnity to develop and deliver presentations and test out new ideas.  We have tools and mentors to make sure that everyone is making steady progress.

Data Reviewing

A range of exciting and relevant Scenarios

Our scenarios are drawn from today's business section -- and deal with the issues senior managers will be grappling with tomorrow.  Some of the challenges our sims are dealing iwth include:

  • Digital transformation

  • The spread of electric vehicles

  • International mergers

  • New product development