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Lesta Motors Inc

The world's biggest electric vehicle maker is expanding from China to SE Asia.  Your team has a chance to grab an exclusive  marketing contract -- but 1st you have to demonstrate that you have a winning strategy.  

Front Wheels

International Expansion

Viet Pharmaceutical has been successful at combining traditional skin care products with international standard treatments -- and now they are looking to expand.  Should they play it safe and head to Cambodia, or take a chance on the potentially lucrative Brazill\ian market?

Homemade Skin Care


University of Singapore has just made a breakthrough discovery that increases the capacity of portable power cells by a factor of 200x.  The University is considering ways to monetize the new development.  You have a chance to persuade them, but first you have to figure out what is driving them.

Image by Science in HD

Custom Sims

Realistic Scenarios can custom-build a program for your school or business.  Contact us for details.

Image by Emily Morter