Presentation and Communication

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3 Point Presentations

Start at the end of the story with a Takeaway.

If they only remember one thing you say, this is it.

End with a Call To Action – what you want to happen next. Invest the money, give me the job, buy this, sell that, do it this way, stop doing that. Asking for it may not get you what you want – but not asking won’t get you anything.

In the middle is the bridge that connects your main idea to the CTA.

This is where you put everything into context with background, facts, explanations, and data.

Stakeholder Analysis

A stakeholder is anyone who is affected by your decision, or has influence over your decision-making process. The US has just discovered the stakeholder concept, but it’s been the primary consideration in Europe for at least 30 years. Asia has never really had anything BUT a stakeholder orientation. When presenting, you are speaking directly to a specific audience. The universe can be sliced & diced in an endless range of permutations, but we’ll keep it simple and start with the three big ones you’ll be encountering in this scenario. You’ve got your SPONSORS, TEAM MEMBERS, and CLIENTS/SUPPLIERS. 

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders are assessed by their power and interest.  Spend your time and energy influencing powerful stakeholders who have the potential to be allies, and get buy-in from your own people.  Know you can influence, persuade, and mobilize.  They are different groups.