The Vietnam government recently approved plans for a MULT-BILLION $US public/private infrastructure project:  Hanoi Digital City.

This ambitious project will build a new city from scratch just outside of Hanoi.  It will rival the world's most innovative business centers and cement Vietnam's place as a leader in Asia - and the world.

You have have been selected to take part in a landmark competitive challenge.  You and a team of professionals will develop and deliver a proposal for running the

International Marketing Division of HDC.  The winning team will get the contract to manage the international business development department of the new city for the next 5 years. 

Sample Sim:

Hanoi Digital City

Scene 1:

The Team Build

5 people walk into a room -- 1 team walks out.  

You have 30 minutes to come up with a TEAM LEADER, roles for all members,  a basic team charter, and a team name.

Once you are approved, you have 1 hour to deliver 2 presentations - a public introduction and an internal strategy plan to your team sponsor.   


D1:  Organizational chart.

D2:  Team Charter (checklist)

D3:  Presentation.  3 - 5 minutes, narrated slideshow or live recording.  Introduce the team to the general public.

D4:  Presentation.  2 minutes, narrated slideshow.  Brief your internal sponsor about your team's strategy and explain the decisions you made about team charter.

Scene 2:

Stratetic Plan

Now that your team is in shape, it's time to come up with a strategy for promoting and managing HDC - Hanoi Digital City.   Take 30 minutes and hammer out a basic marketing plan.  It must allign with the work you did in Scene 1.  Once you are approved, you'll have 2 hourse to develop 2 professional presentations.  One for prospective clients and partners selling the project.  The other is a detailed marketing plan for your sponsors. 


D5:  Strategic marketing plan (checklist)

D6:  Presentation.  3 -5 minutes.  Narrated slideshow.  Pitch your plan for HDC to potential clients and international corporations.  Include a strong call to action.

D7:  Presentation. 2 minutes.  Brief your sponsor about your strategic plans.

D8:  Outline a social media campaign, complete with sample Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook posts. 

Scene 3:

The Twist
(Crisis Hour)

Your team is now faced with not one but TWO problems that you must solve.  One is internal -- the result of a decision within your organization.  The other is external -- brought on by a change in market environment or economic development. 

They're not your fault -- but they are your problem. 


Take 30 minutes and deal with the problems as a team.  Then explain your solutions to the world - and to your team sponsors. 



D6:  Revised organizational chart and team roster.

D7:  Revised team strategic plan.

D8:  3 minute presentation (video or narrated slideshow) for general consumption, explaining your new approach.

D9:  2 minutes presentation-version of a Letter from the President to your Board explaining your new approach. 

Scene 4:

Stand and Deliver

Congratulations.  You've made it.  Your team has been invited to deliver their visionary pitch to the World Economic Forum.  You have earned the chance to make your case to a roomful of the most important investors and decision-makers on the planet.

Don't blow it.

Take 30 minutes and plan out your pitch.  Once approved, you'll have one hour to put together a polished, professional 5 minutes pitch selling your vision of HDC.



D10  5 minutes presentation to senior decision makers.  Your choice of live presentation (recorded for submission), narrated slidedeck or a combination.  Your presentation must include at last 3 members of your team.

D11  2 minutes narrated slideshow describing the internal progress of your team to your Board.

D12:  Individual team assessment (checklist) of your team leader and colleagues.