Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Senior managers get paid for solving problems and coming up with creative innovations. 
Strategic planning is about building and maintaining a sustained competitive advantage

C1:  Goal Setting

SMART Goals are:

• Specific

• Measurable

• Actionable

• Realistic

• Timed


Goal setting can be collaborative, or can be a leadership function. Whether you are setting goals with your team or for them, make sure that all relevant stakeholders understand exactly what is expected of them, and how their efforts contribute.

C2: Strategic Planning

Strategy is your unique method for achieving a sustained competitive advantage in your market. What do we need to do to win? How do you define your market? What is your unique value? Incumbents and disruptors have different strategies

Market leaders focus on existing customers and lock them in.

• Disruptors are better off creating unique value

C3:  Strategy vs. Tactics

Strategy is about goals, tactics are methods. Strategy should be how you will move your organization forward. Strategic plans are about building and maintaining a sustained competitive advantage. Tactics are the methods you use to execute those plans. Strategy determines and informs your tactical plan. All personal interactions and transactions are tactical. ALL COMMUNICATION IS TACTICAL