Leadership and Team Building

3 Types of Leader

3 general types of leadership you might consider for your team are: Big Boss -- Information channels are generally 1 way, and authority levels are high. Chief Bureaucrat -- Infomation channels are 2 way but cumbersome. Paternalistic Consensus -- Information channels SEEM quite open -- but only among insiders. There is A LOT of non-verbal communication here. Type of leader depends on your character, goals, and organizational structure. Good leaders shape the culture. Mediorcre leaders are shaped by the culture. Bad leaders conflict with culture.

The Vision Thing

 Vision should be like North Star – constant, universal, and unattainable. Managers have rules, Leaders have vision. Management is your strategic plan set to inspirational music. For many leaders, vision is the missing ingredient


Facilitation is a specialized type of leadership that is only appropriate for a certain situations. Facilitators are all RULES & SCHEDULES , no VISION - and that's the way it's supposed to be. Facilitators are neutral about the nature of a team's objectives. They are more about coordination than real leadership. If a team of specialists and experts have to hit specific deadlines, facilitation is a great way to go. But if there are problems to solve or creative challenges, then you'll need a more interactive approach