Mini - Lectures

The best way to learn is to experience new challenges with a team of like-minded professionals -- but guidance and well-placed lessons act as force-multipliers.  Each Scenario is divided into four parts, and our lectures are graduated to correspond to your progress.


Leading a team and running a multinational both require similar skillsets.  The difference between leadership and management is VISION.  Managers give instructions or issue orders. 

Leaders inspire people to follow them.  


Public Speaker

Delivering professional presentatons is as simple as 1-2-3. 

1:  Start at the end of the story with a clear, concise takeaway.

2: Support your ideas with facts, data, and clear logic.

3: Finish up with a powerful Call to Action to control the next conversation.

Critical Thinking

Strategy is the method you use to build a sustained competitive advantage.  Sometimes, however, your priority is solving problems and clearing bottlenecks.  Analyze the situation and frame the challenge.

Heading 1

Team Meeting