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Learn from hyper-realistic simulations

Simulations put you and your team in the middle of the action.  You are the central character in your own success story - but you've got to write your own ending.


You'll get a brief to take a leadership role in running a company.  Each story has 4 scenes:

1.  Buld a team.

2.  Develop a strategy.

3.  Solve problems.

4.  Present your proposal.

Minimal instructions. 
Learn & discuss lessons on the debrief. 
Take chances, try out your ideas,
learn from you own mistakes.

Realistics Scenarios.  Like life - but safer.

Skills Training on Demand

Learn from mini-lectures .    Key learning in Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Leadership, Team Building, Presentation Skills, and Communications.   
Realistic simulations strike the right balance between teaching cutting-edge lessons and letting you learn from your own experience. 

Mini-lectures are more like guideposts and advice from a trusted mentor
than long, theoretical lectures.


Lectures / Content

Critical Thinking


Senior managers get paid for solving problems and coming up with creative innovations. 
Critical Thinking can be learned -- but it takes practice.  Start now.



You aren't judged solely by the quality of your work or the brilliance of your mind.  The ability to present your ideas has a big impact on how successful you will be.   



Technology has changed the definition of good leadership and teamwork.  You are expected to build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders - often distributed around the world.


Presentation Skills Bootcamp

Realistic Scenarios understands that leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking don't mean a thing if you can't get your ideas across.  We've set up a special bootcamp to help managers develop and polish their speaking skills.  

Writing a presentation

Presenting ideas

Stakeholder analysis

Social media 

Technology for recording, editing, and online

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